ShootLah’s 1st expedition was held on 2 Mar 2019 @ Recycle Hill | Bishan. The event was joined by the organiser and 3 other members, who were mostly there before the meeting time of 6.30am on the Recycle Hill. The rest that had signed up were exhausted from a late night macro-photography, the night before, and had excused themselves before the morning meet-up.

From Left: Gerald (falconite), Tom, Louis and Tee Fong

It did seem like a great spot to for sunrise shoot, where another group from RSVP joined us at the hill, shortly past 6.30am to wait for day-break. The cool morning breeze was inviting and we chatted on astrophotography and gears, in fact, we were already hatching ideas on what our following shoots should include. It was truly inspiring to know that Edward, from RSVP, had actually made his way from West of Singapore for that morning’s shoot, talk about the energy of some photographers!

Another thing about photographers is their capacity to share their shots. We met with a young father, that found time to shoot that morning. Keith was all brighten-up in sharing the various spot to shoot Bishan, which is his backyard. He had even invited us to a rare opportunity to shoot the Fire (Night) Dragon on the coming  Friday (please read the relevant thread on the forum if you are interested).

After catching the final star-burst we made our way to the water-lilies pond, before wrapping up for the day:

If you are keen to join us in our next shoot, please feel free to just register as a member in We may not be professional but we all love photography and are happy to share and learn from one another.

For more info on the organiser, please visit:

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