Feeling the drag to move out for a shoot? Find your company at ShootLah, to join you in the adventure:

  1. Login to ShootLah.com and see if there is a shooting event of suitable theme, location, and timing.
  2. In the absence of a suitable event, start one and open it to other members within ShootLah. Be clear to list your restriction(s) and please seek approval from the Administrator prior to the listing of a charged event.
  3. For ease of communication, please share more details with the shoot organiser, through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Do practice necessary discretion and watch out for personal safety in the arrangements or at the event. Always notify a friend or family member before meeting the shooting party for the first time.
  4. Members under the age of 18 to seek consent from parents or guardian prior to attending such a shoot.
  5. Please attend the event if you have signed up for it. Have the courtesy to share with the event organiser should u have a sudden distraction to attend to.

After-event sharing:

  1. Event Organiser may start a thread on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/ShootLah.Forum/ or ShootLah, in the forum for further discussion.
  2. Please take the opportunity to make friends and learn from each other. You may like to form a Group if you have enjoyed each other’s company and is likely to arrange more shoots with them.

Please note:

  1. Please read terms of use. ShootLah can never be persecuted or be made responsible for any accident, loss of life or property in your attendance to the shooting event.
  2. You may report any “misbehaving” members to ShootLah Admin, for investigation and where necessary, remove their membership from the site.


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