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The Team

We are a group of individuals that were strung together through photography. We had benefitted from the sharing of experiences and fortified great friendship through the shooting events. We know and want to share these great opportunities and exposures with you, in the spirit of growth and enjoy the passion.


 (from left) Gerald Ng, Lionel Lim, Md Jusri >>>

This image was our first try at taking the Milkyway in Singapore. We woke at 4 am on a Sunday morning to attempt this.


Administrator / Moderators

Gerald Ng | falconite

ShootLah Administrator

Welcome to ShootLah. This is a community for Photographers and Videographers. Feel free to create an outing and find your company to go shoot. Shootlah - where photographers & videographers gather!

Md Jusri | PeekTures

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Gareth Phua

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Alinah | WOG Friends

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Lionel | Out Of The Box

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Billy Kang (Film)

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Our Story

With the introduction of ShootLah, we strive to built a community that embraces photography/videography as a passion, conducive to relationship building and knowledge sharing. A community that encourages and strive to attain a higher level in skillset and proliferating photography and videography as an art form to the world.

Many of the moderators lead shooting events and teach for free (to be indicated otherwise), as we believe in building a cohesive community of photographers, that heightens both the skillset and mental well-being of the fellow shooters.

Be a part of this community and let's write the next chapter of our story together. ShootLah- where enthusiasts group up to shoot!

Our Adventures

Initial Outings:

A trip alone (featuring original scores by Skye Ng):

Shootlah + WOG Friends Group Outing: