Welcome to the online portal that allows you to arrange for photo or video shoots with fellow photographers/videographers. Let's ~ Make Friends, Learn and Enjoy, as well as to Share the Passion.


Thinking of going on an overseas expedition and in need of a company? Find your shoot-buddy here and go ShootLah!


Bored at home and the weather is too good to miss a photo /video shoot? Find friends fast to join you and ShootLah!

Lets Go Shoot

This site was created to have photographers/videographers group-up for shoots. If you have wanted people to partner or accompany you in your expeditions then this website is for you.

This channel proliferates photography and videography enthusiasts to make more friends, learn from each other, for companionship and growth in the passion for photography and videography. Thank you for your interest and participation, please only join the group if you have a genuine interest to spread the joy of photography/videography. Let's group up and ShootLah.

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To participate in the forum, please register as an ordinary member first. The provided data will be kept confidential unless requested by the police, law enforcement in incident(s) where the individual carries out unlawful or illegal activities at the outing events.

Membership will also entitle individuals to a special discount at the eShoppe (Coming Soon). Fictitious data provided will be at personal loss.

All outings are at no charge unless otherwise indicated. Individuals that wish to arrange charged events are to sign up as a Vendor with the administrator and administrative charges will be applicable. Please also contact the administrator if you have photography products to be added to stores.

Terms of Use

We are all different in race, language and skill level. Members are encouraged to make friends and share on photography. Members are responsible for their own safety and equipment and practice caution when meeting up with strangers for the first time. The people from will not be made responsible for any accidents, loss or unfortunate circumstances.

Members below the age of 18 should seek parental/guardian consent before joining any of the activities. Consent in a written note to event organiser is appreciated before each outing. Please note that you have agreed to this terms when you signed up for membership.


The purpose of this site is to gather photographers and videographers, providing you with a convenient channel to arrange for shoots and thus in promoting photography and videography through sharing and companionship. Sign up now and Shoot Lah!

- Gerald Ng | falconite, Administrator

Please keep this website one that everyone can come to enjoy and build friendship on. 

- Gareth Phua, Moderator


About Us

We are individuals that love photography and videography. We believe in going out for shoots together, learning from each other and enjoy the exploration. So group up and Shootlah!

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