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Billy Kang (Film)

Working as an Electronics Engineer, involves extreme logical thinking, software programming, and systematic analytical skills to troubleshoot and solve various technical problems. Photography, on the other hand, is directly opposite from my everyday work. You need to be creative, be able to appreciate arts and most important of all, go against the rules, break away from the conventional and develop your own personal photography style.

It is always a pleasure to see and use an electronic engineering device (camera), and being able to capture arts and put into practice by many people.

Moving back to films and processing the captured images, seeing the pictures appearing on the film and photo paper is simply a joy and fascination to appreciate chemistry and arts.


Photography achievements:

Started photography (self-taught) at the age of 15.

Graduated from photography sessions at MacPherson Photography Club in 1995

            - Black & White photography

            - color photography

            - slides photography

            - darkroom techniques

SAFRA photographer of the year 2003,

            - Singapore OPEN 6th runner up

First prize, 2007 "Fabric of Punggol" photography competition.

2x bronze medal for "The EPSON International photographic pano awards 2011".

1x bronze medal for "The EPSON International photographic pano awards 2012".


A part-time photographer for weddings, products, and sports events on an occasional basis.

            - Heraeus Materials Singapore Pte Ltd.

            - OSIM Triathlon.

Major in landscapes and architectural photography (both B&W and color)

Credential in processing and print B&W and E6 film.



            - Canon EOS-1D

            - 17-35mm F2.8L, 70-200mm F2.8L

            - Mamiya AFDII

            - 35mm, 50mm shift, 80mm

            - 120mm macro, 180mm

            - Calumet 4x5 mono-rail

            - Zone VI 4x5 field camera

            - 75mm Super Angulon

            - 115mm Caltar II-N

- 210mm Caltar II-E


The objective of participation:

To encourage photography interest in Singapore, especially in the field of film photography, darkroom techniques and the appreciation of photography in the form of ARTs.

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